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"Honestly Ivan went above & beyond with the level of communication. Got a 20 minute video explaining how he obtained the results I had requested. Even though I provided a very sparse amount of info, he was easily able to ascertain what I was looking for. This isn't the first time scraping the web emails (but first time using Ivan) and quickly looking over the finished product, it's cleanest and fastest list I've ever received."  

Brian Murphy
(Google Maps Review)

"Ivan and his team are seriously incredible. Very rare that you find a marketing consultancy that actually cares about getting you top quality results vs minimum viable. We used Ivan to help us create prospect lists and him and his team over delivered. Even included an in depth video (30 mins long) to demonstrate how to best use the data. We've since applied it and the list is working well. Highly recommend and would give 10 stars if it were possible."  

Neville Oyiti
(Google Maps Review)

"Ivan is amazing I am so glad I found him! The value he provides is out of this world. You can tell he truly cares about providing a quality service and is willing to go the extra mile to provide amazing value. His communication is spot on, I highly highly recommend!"  

Mona Cranor
(Google Maps Review)

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Popular Shopify and Woocommerce niche sites, Marketing, Web and Graphic Design, SEO, PPC Ad Agencies, Call Centers, Security, Hotels, Furniture, Churches, and more. 

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